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Why every Small Business Owner needs to Outsource


Small business owners tend to be creative risk takers: they possess the entrepreneurial spirit that drives innovation and gives us new concepts, products and services.

Entrepreneurship is now regarded as a viable career path.

Attitudes to work are changing– it’s now rare for people to stay with one company over the course of their entire careers, as was common practice in previous generations. As a result, more and more people from corporate backgrounds are making the leap and starting their own ventures based on the expertise they accrued during their years working for larger organisations.

Large corporations cultivate experts in single fields.

The nature of large businesses is that the division of labour is highly specialised: the marketing team works solely in marketing, while those in finance work only with numbers. This type of structure is needed to coordinate the large number of projects that a big business needs to undertake. As such, people working for big corporates tend to be highly skilled in one particular area, as opposed to dabbling across different departments and skill sets.

Running a small business requires all functions to operate at a high level.

An entrepreneur who has spent the better part of a decade exclusively in finance, for example, may possess all the above qualities but lack know-how in marketing, sales, HR and procurement. When starting their own business, they might struggle to get those aspects of the business up and running to the same standard as the finance department. For a small business to run effectively, all functions must operate at the same high standard.

Entrepreneurs need to know what to delegate so they can concentrate on income generation.

With fierce passion and expertise also comes the urge to regard their small business as their “baby” and want absolute control over all processes. Yet, if a small business is to survive and thrive, outsourcing needs to be seen as a viable option, allowing the small business owner to focus their attention and energy on their core strengths and generating income. If they don’t outsource, they risk spreading themselves too thin and burning out as they try to handle every aspect of the day-to-day running of the business.

Knowing when and what to outsource is crucial for growing the business.

When and how to outsource will depend on how large the small business is and what part of its life cycle it’s at. Very small businesses will benefit from outsourcing from the start, while small to medium-sized enterprises with ten or more people might consider outsourcing when the business wants to expand but doesn’t have the resources to do so. The key is only to outsource tasks that are not key to your core business – otherwise you risk diluting your small business’ unique selling point.

To guarantee a good working relationship, select vendors that share your values.

Web development, design, content creation, bookkeeping, and your marketing strategy are important business functions that need to be done by experts. Another example is outsourcing office supplies. By selecting stationery suppliers who partner with your small business, you’ll be able to save money, time and the hassle of physically shopping for office supplies. A specialised stationery supplier will also simplify the ordering process. The beauty of the connected digital age is that outsourcing has become easy – both to find contractors and work with them. When choosing, it’s essential to select those who share your small business’ core values to guarantee a cohesive working relationship.

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Updated Post from January 2017

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David Adams
27 January 2020