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What’s your office management style? Take this quiz and find out here...


office-desk-vector-graphics_23-2147492367Who you are, where you work and who you work with dictate your office management style. Trying to get colleagues across different skill sets and departments to work together to create an amicable work environment is a challenge. Do you know which office management style you fall under? Take the quiz and find out!

1) On Monday morning you come in to find the office a mess: washing up in the break room is piled up and there is stationery all over the office. How do you deal with the situation?

a)   Leave a note on the offending person’s desk, asking them to tidy up.

b)   Call a meeting and draw up a roster to distribute cleaning duties.

c)   Do the tidying up yourself.

2) Your colleagues’ noise levels are getting higher and higher in the office during work hours. Do you:

a)   Issue them a warning that the matter will be taken to the directors if they don’t become quieter.

b)   Talk to them informally and try to come to an agreement.

c)   Ignore the matter and work with headphones in.

3) You are trying to get your colleagues to fill out their holiday request forms on time so that they can be submitted to the directors. How do you make sure everyone hands in their forms promptly?

a)   Threaten to withdraw tea and milk supplies if people hand in their forms late.

b)   Promise free cake if everyone completes their form by the end of the afternoon.

c)   Fill in your form and not bother chasing your colleagues up – if they miss out on leave, it’s their own fault!

If you scored mainly A’s you have a Coercive office management style

You monitor work mates closely and prefer to give orders. You find tasks get done by giving threats rather than by promising rewards. You do not tolerate incompetence and would rather re-do a job someone has done badly than let it slide.

This style of management is useful in a crisis, but has the disadvantage that highly skilled colleagues get frustrated by being micromanaged and less qualified colleagues do not get a chance to learn and grow. Try giving your staff more freedom to exercise their skills and judgment.

Personality: Naomi Campbell

It’s either her way or the highway. People who don’t do as she pleases feel her wrath.

If you scored mainly b’s you have a Democratic office management style

You make decisions based on the input of all involved. You value the opinion of everyone and want them to feel valued. You find the best way to motivate people is to promise rewards.

This style of management is fantastic for achieving high morale among colleagues, but can also be inefficient as meetings can take up time and conflicting opinions can overwhelm you in decision-making. It is best to avoid this style in a crisis when decisions need to be made quickly.

Personality: Abraham Lincoln

He was a driving force in uniting the individual states of America and abolishing slavery.

If you scored mainly c’s you have a Pacesetting office management style

You set high standards that you expect to be followed. You lead by example and leave colleagues to their own devices, while you get on with what you need to do.

This style of management is ideal when you are working with a team of experts who are self-motivated and require little feedback. That said, this is not the right style to adopt when colleagues are required to work in a team and need coaching.

Politician: Nelson Mandela

He changed the views and minds of many by being the change and setting an example.

Whatever management style you fall under, remember – there is no perfect management style and you should switch between them or use a combination depending on the situation.

The stress of managing people can be lessened if your office is well stocked and well organised. OfficeBox is happy to assist you with this – get in touch.

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David Adams
01 July 2015