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What your stationery list says about your personality


If you’re reading this blog, it’s likely your fondness for stationery is greater than the average person on the street (apart from this guy). The most humble form of indulgence, stationery is something you might have grown to love during those back-to-school stock ups. As digital as the world has now become, stationery (and the requisite stationery list) still has a place in offices. The fact that Moleskin sold over 17 million notebooks last year is a testament to this. What’s more interesting is that the Moleskin stores closest to Apple stores sold the most notebooks, according to the CEO of Moleskin in an interview with Digiday. But what does our choice of stationery — and hence, our stationery list — say about us as individuals? Read on to find out.

Is that a pen or are you just happy to see me?

A stationery list wouldn’t be a stationery list without pens. And the stats about the Moleskin notebook sales mentioned above says a lot about the sheer numbers of people still sticking to pen and paper when it comes to writing. True, work tasks and admin might be carried out on a computer, but when people have a choice over how to write, many choose pen and paper over keyboards.

So what does it say about you if you opt for the stalwart pencil? Well, it might suggest that you don’t like things to be set in stone; you love spitballing ideas and scribbling outside the lines knowing that nothing is permanent. A pencil also gives you the freedom to write and draw — you’re multi-talented and creative. And what about the ball-point pen? You’re modern and on trend, you probably write with pen and paper less than your pencil wielding counterparts, preferring a hands-on approach rather than wallowing in lofty ideas. Then there are the fountain pen aficionados. You’re old school, you’ve got style and you love rituals (like the ritual of refilling your pen with ink or cartridges). You’re also professional and well-presented.

How do you like your paper — blank, lined or squared?

Next let’s talk about the pen’s bedfellow — paper (if you’re interested in both paper and history, check out our blog about the history of paper). If you prefer lined paper perhaps you’re thorough and regimented, enjoying the parameters set out by the lines on the page. A penchant for squared paper suggests an analytical and scientific mind. And those who prefer the wild abandon of a blank page are the big thinkers, the uninhibited and the ones who hunger for more.

There are many ways to plan (or not to plan) your life.

The type of planner on your stationery list can also offer some clues about your personality. There are a host of diaries and calendars available to keep your home and work life organised. An affinity for wall calendars might mean you are a big picture thinker, preferring concepts to the nitty gritty details of everyday routine. Choosing a month-by-month desk calendar may imply you like to tackle challenges as they come, preferring not to look too far into the future. If you prefer keeping a daily diary for your every appointment and assignment, then you’ve got great attention to detail and like to be in control. And if calendars don’t even feature on your stationery list, then you’re a cool and calm type who thrives under the pressure of in-the-moment thinking.

Do you keep your sh*t(s of paper) together with paper clips, staples or treasury tags?

Keeping paper together, be it personal notes, invoices or bills, is a must if you’re to avoid drowning in a quagmire of depression and administration. But how do you do it? If you decide on paperclips, you’re the kind of person who likes to keep their options open, rather like the pencil wielders. If you choose to go for staples, you have great confidence in your capabilities, skills and decisions and never waste time going down those shouda-wouda-couda trains of thought. Another way to tie sheets of paper together is with treasury tags. You like being able to flip through the sheets of paper with an ease not afforded by paperclips. You’re flexible, informal and ever so slightly scruffy (read: creative) — in an endearing way, of course.

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23 March 2016
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