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What to Look Out for When Choosing Paper Suppliers


Running out of paper or not having the right paper for the job can be a serious limitation to the proper running of your business. Choosing paper suppliers is therefore a vital part of the procurement process. There are a few things to look out for that will help guide you toward choosing the  best option for your business out of the available paper suppliers.

The efficiency and promptness of your paper suppliers will assist in the stock control process.

Depending on the paper usage and storage room in your office, stock might have to be filled more frequently, making it important to find suppliers that allow you to alter and increase your order without much effort. A supplier’s flexibility in terms of the delivery and quantity of your order will ensure that you don’t run out of paper if there’s a sudden spike in usage.

Look for paper suppliers who have a good measure of control and pay attention to deviations in orders, as they’ll be more likely to approach you with solutions and help you to streamline your paper ordering process. This,also gives  your stock controller the opportunity to set up a paper strategy.

Your office requirements will help to determine the quality of paper you need to purchase.

The more reliant your business is on printed documents, the better the quality of your paper needs to be. Make sure that your paper supplier offers a wide range of paper products in terms of size, weight and colour. The better the paper the more efficient printing, scanning and copying will be.

If, for instance, printing is restricted mainly to employees in the office, it makes sense to use lighter paper to help bring down usage. According to the paper buying guide by the World Wildlife Fund, using the lowest grammage paper can have a large impact on the amount of paper that you require. The report states that switching from 80 to 70 grams per m2 can reduce paper consumption by some 14%, while scaling down from 100 to 80 grams per m2 reduces paper consumption by 20%.

While scaling down on your paper usage may be great way to save money, you can further stretch your budget by choosing a supplier that charges you cost price for paper. Also look out for paper suppliers that offer discounts on bulk buying.

Choosing a paper supplier that uses recycled and chemical free paper will help to limit your business’s impact on the environment.

A paperless society is not yet a reality, which means that there is still a continuous need for paper – and lots of it. The biggest consequence of irresponsible paper usage is deforestation. According to The Paperless Project, 40% of all industrial logging is used to produce paper, while discarded paper accounts for 35% municipal waste.

With these figures in mind, it becomes essential to choose a paper supplier that makes use of recycled paper and better yet, recycles paper itself. Various paper suppliers are also certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) which helps to ensure best practice in the procurement of wood products to produce paper.

Aside from deforestation, the paper production process makes use of various harmful chemicals such as chlorine and sulphur while also emitting a substantial amount of carbon dioxide. It’s also wise to make sure that your supplier offers paper that has been produced without chlorine or other bleaches.

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David Adams
16 April 2015