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Valentine’s day hacks (with stationery supplies) for the romantically challenged


Some of us just aren’t like those suave, sexy and sophisticated men and women we see digitally enhanced on silverscreens and TVs. Some of us are rough around the edges, awkward and born with two left feet. Some of us break out into a sweat when the person  we like breezes our way — reduced to a quivering wreck, like a geek in a high school movie. Yet, we so want to get Valentine’s Day right (or maybe you don’t give a sh*t — in that case, be gone with you). We want to find love — and we want to wow that Adonis (or Venus) that sits on the other side of the office. Well, my friend, with a little bit of imagination, the help of this blog and stationery supplies, of course, you can make that dream a reality this Valentine’s Day. Read on for some DIY Valentine’s gift ideas that’ll turn even the hardest of conquests into jelly.

Step away from the keyboard and make a card yourself.

If you were thinking about tweeting a message of romance or updating your Facebook status on February 14th to include the one you love, don’t. Step away from the keyboard. Nothing says lazy like an electronic message  — the same goes for e-cards, memes and GIFs. Why not use the hands that God gave you and the stationery supplies that the Gods of stationery gave you to fashion a personalised love note that will survive much longer than a few hours before being engulfed in a deluge of news feeds. Even a simple card made with  a folded piece of paper with a red heart drawn in red felt tip pen, and a hastily scribbled handwritten message inside will increase your chances of getting lucky. If you’ve got greater ambitions, you might want to invest in glitter glue, some fancy paper and other items with which to accessorise the card. Check out Pinterest for some inspiration.

Didn’t you know that Post-Its were the original WhatsApp?

So you’ve resisted the urge to tell everyone on Facebook how you feel about this special person. Before you reach for your phone and open WhatsApp (the more personalised touch, you say to yourself), think again. Sending a WhatsApp might be the more thoughtful option to a status update, but what marks that message out from all the others you’ve sent them? Instead, why not make a trail of Post-Its with short and suitably romantic notes on them? You could stick them on their pillow (if you have access to their house, that is), on the fridge, on their favourite coffee mug, computer screen, lunch box or steering wheel (again, if you have legal access to their vehicle). Not only will they love the surprise, they’ll appreciate the missions you went to just for them.

Take Instagram offline and make your own picture frame.

Another digital temptation might be to tag them in a love themed Instagram photo. True, a photo speaks a thousand words, but why not make them a personalised photo frame instead? No-one prints out pictures anymore, so being given a photo in a frame is a rare thing — and will count for at least two thousand words. Simply choose a great photo on your phone or PC and take it to a printers to have it printed on lovely photographic paper (don’t be a cheap skate and print it on normal paper). Then, get your hands on some stationery supplies like card and paper, and make the frame. Again, Pinterest has some great ideas on how to make a photo frame out of paper.

Yes you heard me correctly — bacon roses.

Flowers might be the go-to Valentine’s Day present for some, but they’re awfully cliche. And what if your loved one is allergic, or you simply have no idea what their favourite flower is? For a truly romantic gift, make them roses — bacon roses. True, they might not last as long as real roses, but at least you can eat them. Try this Instructables recipe if you feel up to the challenge. Otherwise, you can stick with stationery supplies and make paper roses, which will last way longer than either real or bacon flowers. Check out this YouTube video which uses crepe paper to make the bouquet.

If wine be the food of love, drink on.

Last, but definitely not least, is the question of booze. Nothing says ‘I want you’ more than a bottle of wine or their favourite malt whiskey — or craft beer if you’re on a budget. Did you know that the word “wine” has its origins in the Sanskrit word for love? Go figure. First of all, choose a decent bottle of wine. If you’re clueless about wine and can’t tell the difference between Two Oceans and Thelema, then don’t be afraid to ask for help. The WineWizard is an awesome tool for the vinously challenged. Next, time to make it personal. Using those trusty office supplies again, cut a piece of card or paper out to the same size as the wine label. Then, customise the label using pens, pencils or crayons. You could write a cute note, or draw a picture. Next, stick this over the wine label. Ta da! Your very own wine range. Just don’t forget what wine you bought in the first place!

There you go: five foolproof recipes to Valentine’s day success using office supplies. If you still aren’t able to score, then there’s no hope for you. Happy Valentine’s day!


Image Credit: www.estationery.com

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David Adams
11 February 2016