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Top tech companies coming out of SA 2016


Innovation and creativity — all things we seem to have less and less time for in the fast-paced modern age. However, one small saving grace through this era of ever evolving tastes and need for more leisure time are, ironically, tech companies. We’re not talking mass corporate entities but rather small scale start ups, many of them originating from our very own entrepreneurial hub of South Africa. In 2016, OfficeBox joins hands with many others at the crossroads of how the history of commercial opportunity will be written.

Want to watch that new three hour doccie about penguins but you know that the laundry ain’t gonna wash itself?

Never fear, Washr is here! An innovative app that connects you and your 52kgs of unwashed delicates with a driver that conveniently picks up your garb from your chosen convenient time and place, then returns the whole lot to you within 24 hours. This door to door online laundry service started up in 2013, and has now become one of the leading tech companies in South Africa. Though they won’t be solving the food crisis anytime soon, their focus on providing quality service to you as the customer, saves you the time and effort you would rather be spending writing your long winded fan letter to the director of that penguin documentary, whilst someone else deals with the soy sauce stains on your pants.

Running a business, maintaining a household, and managing your sanity — all the while ensuring your home is spotless?

After facing difficulties finding part-time domestic cleaners, the SweepSouth creators developed their own company that provides an hourly rate service by background checked cleaners to come directly to your doorstep. Launched in early 2014, you as a customer simply ‘click to clean’ from the comfort of your own work desk/beach lounger. It’s a brilliant service that has yet to fail, and with the added benefit of providing cleaning materials (including the popular eco-friendly choice) this ever-evolving tech company is definitely one to watch as a leading service provider in the cleaning industry. You’ll never have to mistake a dead cockroach for a discarded candy-wrapper again.

Maintaining your excellent physique whilst harbouring the well-kept secret that you might actually be borderline ADHD?

The key to your fitness without the hassle of year long lockdown contracts and routines? One word. Fitkey. An app that gives you access to hundreds of local gyms and studios for a single monthly fee, you can have the experience of floating like a butterfly at YogaSpirit one day, then stinging like a bee at The Armoury boxing club the next. US co-founders developed the South African based FitKey company to meet the ever growing needs of an exercise driven community, minus the contracts and packages. Much like the choice of office stationery that OfficeBox offers to its own client base, FitKey gives you the choice to choose when and where you work out. Co-workers will be forever wondering why you’re living and working in your gym pants, but hey, at least you’ll look s**t hot in them!

Public transport in South Africa seems to have it’s own rather ambiguous sense of direction. All those buses and unpredictable train systems: how do I even?

Obstinate in their perseverance to turn commuter data into a workable online app for users to find their way across the daunting territory of the South African public transport system, developers WhereIsMyTransport launched their highly efficient FindMyWay app to connect commuters and operators in a more user-friendly and sustainable way. Cities are now connected without adding too much to the grander issue of ‘the carbon footprint’ and locals and foreigners alike can navigate the backroads of the formal and informal transport systems whether they arrive on time, or as rumoured, five days later than expected after being delayed by a slow-moving flock of sheep. Easy to use, cost effective, and efficient, that train ride to Potchefstroom is looking more appealing every day.

Though you miss the old book smell of your local stationery supply haunt, your work colleagues are just too darn pleasant to abandon at lunch hour.

With all this mention of innovation, choice, convenience and time saving, it’s no wonder OfficeBox comes to the forefront of your mind when discussing anything about tech companies (no bias of course!). The problem is: do you become a supply store paper hermit or do you become the much-loved lunch hour clown that gets to rebelliously flick taco chips into the hair of that guy from HR’s perfectly tousled Beiber cut? OfficeBox preserves those immeasurable efforts to socialise with people you work with, by providing you with an easy to use online ordering system for cost-price stationery that delivers directly to your office door.

If you think your business needs an office stationery revamp from a stationery supplier with a mindset like those tech companies, contact us today.

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OfficeBox Branded Stationery
David Adams
11 May 2016