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The Future of School Stationery Ordering in South Africa

In light of our economy finally getting some relief, we've come up with another cutting-edge way to help you, our customers, get more of what you need in convenience and a great price-point to match.

Before we tell you what we've got up our sleeves this time in our continued effort to save you and South Africa time and money, we first need to say thanks!

We're proud to have had your back throughout Lockdown SA

While many businesses across the country beared the brunt of Covid's lockdown restrictions causing mass closures and unemployment - it's a relief that at least the worst of it is finally over and we can bounce back better and stronger. We'd like to thank each and everyone who supported us during this difficult time, and hope that we in turn assisted and supported you with all you needed. 

Thank you for helping us help you during lockdown

As always, our OfficeBox development and marketing teams are hard at work in the lab, cooking up new and exciting ways to assist South Africa to buy stationery supplies online quickly and easily.

We successfully presented our structured approach to online ordering and safe delivery throughout this entire lockdown period. The shift to an exclusive online business model didn't affect us, since "strictly online service only" has been the cornerstone of what makes OfficeBox so unique, and why businesses, business people, students, and schools choose us as their number one stationery and office supplies solution. 

OfficeBox Online Stationery and PPE

With our office supplies cleaning products we were also able to offer businesses and homes a solution to any and all personal protection equipment (PPE) needs. Products like santisers, face masks, face shields, dispensers, till-point screens and more helped South Africans meet the requirements to remain operational during Lockdown restrictions, and offer staff safe and reliable cleaning equipment to remain protected. So what's next for you and OfficeBox?

Well, we're ecstatic to rollout our latest platform aimed at schools and parents, so you too can have a dedicated website and service, tailored to your specific school stationery and supplies needs.

The Next Level in Online School Stationery Ordering

Our OfficeBox customers are generally made up of a variety of South Africans with two things in common: you all want a more convenient and safe way to order online and get stationery delivered to your door; and you want to pay the best price for it.

Lockdown, although a strain on our economy and a very difficult time to conduct business in SA, presented an opportunity to look at  some of our customer's most pertinent pain points and afforded us some time to think about how we can solve some of these issues for you.

YourSchoolBox - Online School Stationery

One of the biggest problems highlighted was that there simply isn't enough focus on school stationery ordering online, both for parents or for schools. The traditional way of procuring school stationery is either going shopping and filling up your trolleys with what you think your child needs or, and most commonly practiced, schools provide a stationery supplies list for parents to fill.

While school lists are convenient in detailing what supplies children will need, parents are still burdened by having to source the products. Previously, parents could simply head to OfficeBox, navigate to school stationery, then source and complete your list by manually adding your school stationery items to cart.

Parents still seemed to be hankering for an even more convenient and exclusive way of ordering that's tailored to just school stationery supplies. As always, you spoke and we listened. We have now taken things a step further and are absolutely thrilled to introduce a brand-new platform completely dedicated to parents, schools and your school stationery needs ... and offers a pre-populated school list for you

Welcome to YourSchoolBox - South Africa's solution when needing to Buy School Stationery Online

The answer to this particular issue raised by our customers, was to sit down with our tech and dev teams, and come up with a more streamlined solution that solves the problem of having to fill out your child's school lists manually.

As such, we're proud to present YourSchoolBox, South Africa's next-level answer to getting your school stationery lists filled out quickly and easily, in just a few clicks. An exclusive, dedicated retail extension of the OfficeBox brand, YourSchoolBox firmly focuses on:

  • Parents who need to get their children's stationery and art supplies,
  • Students who need school or university supplies, or
  • Schools who wish to give parents a more simplified way of getting all the stationery they need in just a few quick clicks

Searching your child's School Stationery is easier than ever with 'Find Your School' functionality

Our newly launched YourSchoolBox platform will aim to have all school lists auto-populated for schools across South Africa under the expert, yet easy to use, 'Find Your School' search functionality. These pre-populated school lists mean parents simply head to the site, enter their child's school and grade, then simply click to go to the next step.

You're then directed to a page with a populated list of all the stationery and art supplies your child will need for their grade and school. If there's any item that you don't need from the list, simply deselect the product and once complete, click "Checkout" to view your cart and complete your purchase - easy!

Since the platform is just starting out, if your child's school list is not yet uploaded, you can easily upload their school stationery list and have all your child's school stationery prepopulated for you.

You'll also benefit from a discount as a 'Hero Parent', for being the first parent to upload/add their child's stationery list for that school. 

You can learn all about the 'Find Your School' functionality HERE.

Our new full-fledged platform will assist schools in achieving consistency for all pupils and gives parents ease-of-mind that their children's stationery needs doesn't have to be the crazy run-around it has become.

YourSchoolBox helps you become your community's Hero Parent, helping parents get School Stationery quickly and easily online

All orders placed, like our OfficeBox platform, will be shipped to you expeditiously with orders quickly and easily delivered right to your doorstep. 

In addition to speedy deliveries - our 'Hero Parents' feature acts as an affiliate programme for parents who'd like to assist us in helping fellow parents get their child's supplies easily online. And as mentioned above, parents who are fast enough to be the first to upload their child(ren's) stationery list will also score a fantastic Hero Parent discount as well.

Learn all about being a 'Hero Parent' HERE.

YourSchoolBox - Online School Stationery

Our business or remote and home office clients will still be able to order school, office or home stationery from OfficeBox, even when using our handy new YourSchoolBox platform.

We'll also have a slew of discounts, promotions and special offers rolling out during the launch of our new site, so keep your eyes peeled for more news around that. For now though - take a 20% discount on your first order with OfficeBox this month. Simply checkout using the voucher code "20OFFNOVEMBER" for your discount. 



David Adams
25 September 2020