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Quality Vs Quantity: What Your Stationery Suppliers Should Do for You


Purchasing stationery for any business can be time consuming and at times, frustrating. Choosing the right stationery supplier, however, will ensure that you don’t have to compromise on quality while at the same time letting you take advantage of cost-saving bulk purchases. The right stationery suppliers will also help streamline the procurement process by allowing simple ordering and solutions for your business’s needs.

The specific product needs and size of your business, are a good indicator of what you require from a stationery supplier.

When looking for a stationery supplier, it’s up to you to determine what is necessary for the smooth running of your business, as well as what added services you require. Not all stationery suppliers offer the same quality brands, range of products or level of service.

The bigger your supplier, the more storage space they have for products. This puts them in a position to negotiate better prices for bulk buys and offer you stationery at the lowest price. This also means they are less likely to run out of stock when you really need it.

Make sure that your stationery supplier has a wide range of products so that you don’t need more than one supplier to get everything you need. A selection of different and recognised brands also lets you decide what product suits your stationery requirements.  

The money you save on purchasing stationery at a lower cost should not be reflected in a lack of service.

The right stationery suppliers should have a well-managed supply chain to offer you affordable stationery without compromising on the quality of their service offering. There’s no point in saving money on stationery if you’re not receiving your order on time or are getting erasers instead of pencils.  

It’s imperative that a supplier gets your order right, as a slip up could interrupt the running of your business. In the unlikely event that they don’t deliver what you ordered, they should have a comprehensive return policy. 

Suppliers need to be prompt and responsive to your changing stationery needs – in other words, they need to be solution driven.

Added services go a long way in building an amicable working relationship with your stationery supplier. When you are buying in bulk and spending large sums of money at once, make sure you choose a supplier that offers special added services, like savings on large or repeat orders.  

An online ordering system will help you to save time, as well as enable you to select exactly what you want and then compare the different brands available. This also eliminates the laborious process of getting quotations from different stationery suppliers. Nifty tools like an online cost comparison calculator will further simplify the process of finding the stationery you want at the best price.

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David Adams
13 September 2017