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How to boost morale with office supplies


The way you perceive the situations and people around you at work influences how you interact with them. See them in a positive light and you will engage with them. See them in a negative light and you’ll likely shy away. How is it possible then for your colleagues to be productive if their morale is low? Whether you’re responsible for a team of two, two hundred or just yourself, working towards keeping morale levels up in the office is a must. Believe it or not, office supplies can play an effective role in this.

Morale has a very real and measurable effect on how well your business operates.

Signs of high morale include a willingness to perform well, self-confidence and a proactive work ethic. Everyone may experience a dip in morale at work at some point in their careers, but knowing how to manage low morale is crucial for guaranteeing the financial success and longevity of any business. Not being challenged, not having any career progression prospects, favouritism and feeling under-valued are some factors that destroy morale. The result is lower productivity, poorer teamwork and higher staff turnover. Unsurprisingly, this leads to increased hiring and training costs – not to mention more sick days taken by unhappy employees.

What’s more, your staff are the face of your brand, especially in client facing roles. Poor morale will be sensed by clients, potentially harming the image they have of your company. The Gallup Organisation, an American research-based management consultancy, conducted a detailed global study into levels of employee engagement and how it affects businesses that demonstrate these points.

It’s much harder to feel negative if you have a cup of tea and a biscuit in hand.

We all know that an army marches on its stomach. While you might not have the budget to offer a three course lunch from Monday to Friday, providing staff with office supplies such as tea, coffee, hot chocolate and fresh milk to keep caffeine and blood sugar levels topped up throughout the day is the first step in lifting the mood. A weekly – or daily, if you can afford it – treat like cake or biscuits is a small touch that is appreciated nonetheless. Not providing anything at all sends the signal that you aren’t interested in whether your employees are happy or not.

The look and feel of your workspace is one thing you should never skimp on in the budget.

Our immediate surroundings have a huge impact on our state of mind. Could you work productively in a space that looked and felt like a prison cell? Neither can your team. Investing in comfortable chairs and desks is a requirement, not an extravagance. Trying to get work done is almost impossible if you’re distracted by discomfort. What’s more, a badly designed chair isn’t just uncomfortable – it can cause all manner of back problems that may go on to contribute to employee absenteeism.

Let your colleagues have a say in which office supplies you buy for them.

Everyone has their own personal arsenal of office supplies and stationery that they like to have at the ready on their desks. Some people prefer writing with a ballpoint pen; some prefer a pencil. Some can’t go without their highlighters and others need Post-Its to get through their day. Rather than buying a range of office supplies that you hope will suffice for everyone, take time to find out which items each of your employees uses most. You’ll only spend money on what is needed and won’t stock up on things that just take up space in the supplies cabinet. Your team will appreciate this personalised approach, too.

It might seem as if you’ll blow the company budget stocking your office up with all these office supplies, but the cost of low morale is a lot higher. Contact OfficeBox today and we can advise you on how you can save up to 40% across your office supplies basket.

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David Adams
21 August 2015