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Five Online Services That Make Running a Small Business Easier


Running a small business is not for the feint-hearted. It’s a juggling act. There are customers to deal with, never-ending admin, stock to order, staff to pay and a host of day-to-day responsibilities to manage. We found five useful online services that will help make running your small business easier. Read on to find out about the ones you can’t do without.

A smooth and integrated invoicing system.

The routine task of invoicing may not be exciting, but it is a crucial part of your business. You want – no – you NEED to get paid on time. A glitch in the invoicing process and the repercussions that follow is a headache no small business owner needs. Simplify this laborious task with an online invoicing system that seamlessly integrates the overall management of invoicing. Look for one that ticks the following boxes:

  • Easy to manage customer database
  • Automatic reminders
  • Integrates with multiple payment gateways (credit card, debit card, PayPal, etc.).
  • Guarantees that your information is secure and protected.

Invoices Online is a South African online service perfect for small businesses. They are SARS compliant, make online payments super easy for customers and even provide a debit order facility.

Back it up to the cloud.

Don’t join the thousands over the course of digital history who have lost all their data during a server or hard drive crash. You will go into the ugly cry. Company files, databases, customer information, intellectual property and legal documents – all gone in one fell swoop. You need a backup system. From Google Drive to Dropbox, moving stuff off your hard drive and onto a cloud storage system is sensible. Cloud backup takes it a step further by backing up all the data on your server. No longer do you need to rely on international service providers for this. There are some excellent local players in this market like Cloud Backup Solutions, with the added bonus of local technical support and data that never leaves the country.

A less painful way to meet government compliance regulations.

The soul-sucking experience of standing in queues at government departments is not only painful but swallows up a huge chunk of time that could have been put to better use. It’s a necessary evil though. Your business does not operate in a vacuum. Government pokes its little finger around in it too. Fortunately, they do make some compliance matters easier by having an online service. File your tax return, do a VAT vendor search, submit your employment equity report, handle UIF and compensation fund matters and apply for SETA grants, all from the convenience of your laptop.

Order stationery online and have it delivered.

Stationery is taken for granted. It’s just there. Until one day it’s not. On the very day you have the most important presentation of your life and there’s no paper to print it on. The ensuing meltdown that follows is not pretty, but no amount of wailing and pounding the desk will avert the calamity of losing that big client. Stationery, be it ever so humble, is one of those things an office always needs. But sending the receptionist out to the nearest stationery wholesaler every time the last paper clip runs out is not the way to go. How much easier would life be if you could order stationery online and have it delivered to your door? OfficeBox is a stationery supplier that does just that – a quick and easy online service at an amazingly affordable price.

Send parcels quickly and efficiently with an online courier service.

Worried that the post office won’t deliver your important documents and parcels on time, or worse, not at all? Internet Express was the first online courier service in South Africa and provides an easy transactive platform to move your packages from point A to point B. Get a quote, compare prices, generate a waybill and process your payment, all with the click of a button. Incidentally, speaking of the post office, did you know there’s a Virtual Post Office? Neither did I. You can renew your post box, buy stamps and pay traffic fines.

OfficeBox knows that we live in a digital world. We also know that people are busy and want convenience. So we came up with an easy-to-use online ordering system, partnered with some great stationery wholesalers to keep prices ridiculously low, and rush your delivery straight to your door the next day. Convenient, simple and fast! Contact us today and never run short of stationery again. The receptionist will thank you.

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OfficeBox Branded Stationery
David Adams
25 April 2016