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office stationery

Build your brand from the inside out — with branded stationery


Have a rifle through your pen and pencil stash — I’m willing to bet that a significant chunk of them are branded, and I don’t mean by Bic or Staedtler. I’m referring to those freebie pens and pencils you stealthily (or not so stealthily) sneak away from conferences or promotion stands at festivals. And it doesn’t just stop at writing implements – branded stationery covers everything from stickers to business cards and branded notepads. These days, a branded USB stick could even fall under the category of branded stationery. So why should you care anyway? How powerful can stationery supplies baring your company logo be? Read on and find out.

Don’t forget to market to your internal customers.

Branded stationery is important for two categories of people — your external customers and internal customers. Your external customers are the people you’re trying to woo to ensure your product or services are purchased, ensuring your business has a long and prosperous future. They’re the people you probably focus all of your marketing budget on. You want them to like your brand and then go shouting about it to other potential customers. Then there are your internal customers. These are the people you rub shoulders with at the water cooler or boss around. They’re the cogs in that massive wheel that creates those products or services you so want your external customers to buy. It’s easy to forget about those internal customers when you’re planning your marketing strategy. But you shouldn’t — as we so vehemently opined in our previous blog.

The health of your brand is determined by the people who work within it.

Branded stationery can be a firm but gentle way of building brand awareness and brand loyalty within your business — if you have an army of people within your company that loves and supports your brand, you’re guaranteed that your external customers will also start loving your brand. Think about it: what would you think of a company whose customer support team sounded as if they wanted to be anywhere else while talking to you? You’d question the integrity of the brand. If you went into a store and were greeted by happy, smiling sales assistants who evidently knew their brand inside out, you’d come away feeling positive about the brand and would probably buy from them again. This logic applies to all businesses, B2B and B2C.

Branded stationery supplies are a bit like a sports team’s uniform.

So how do branded stationery supplies achieve this goal? First, a business that invests in branded stationery supplies immediately sends a signal to its employees that business is good, the brand is professional and that the leaders of the company are invested in the business enough to invest in personalised stationery. Your staff will feel more professional using this stationery — especially if you give every staff member personalised business cards — and your brand’s ethos and culture can be subtly reinforced if the logo is never out of each employee’s eyeshot. Just like a soccer team’s strip or your favourite rugby team’s colours are a way of instilling team spirit that binds athletes together, branded stationery does the same thing in an office setting. Plus your staff will be more productive if they’ve got all the tools they need to get their jobs done. You’ll need to buy stationery anyway – so why not make sure those supplies are branded?

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David Adams
18 September 2017