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Amazing stationery supplies: Healing Powers of Paper and Pen


You might think journaling is a pursuit of intrepid travel writers or teenage girls – those with the time and inclination to scribble down their thoughts, impressions and feelings on a daily basis – but it’s something we should all do more often. Keeping a diary might seem like a self-indulgent and pointless pastime, but it affords those with the tenacity to put paper to pen every day with physical, mental and emotional benefits. We’ll take a look at how stationery supplies can help you keep healthy.

Journals have the power to influence the world.

Probably one of the most important diarists of our time, Anne Frank kept a journal every day during her two years in hiding from the Nazis in an attic in an Amsterdam flat. After her family’s hiding place was discovered in 1944 and they were sent to the concentration camps, Anne died in Bergen-Belsen mere weeks before the Allies won WW2. Her story was published in 1947 and has since been read the world over. It’s unlikely it’ll be forgotten for a long time.

Putting pen to paper is as good as visiting a therapist.

Perhaps it was her daily writing habit that made it possible for her to endure such claustrophobic conditions for so long: "the brightest spot of all is that at least I can write down all my thoughts and feelings; otherwise I'd absolutely suffocate", wrote Anne Frank in her diary. That’s one of the reasons why writing your thoughts down with paper and pen is so beneficial. It unloads all those niggling thoughts that distract your focus from the task at hand. It helps you process difficult situations and helps you unload. You can be your own therapist and travel into your inner world – without going anywhere near a shrink’s couch. 

Paper and pen improve our cognitive function.

Besides the emotional benefits, there are also cognitive benefits of a daily writing habit – discussed in our previous blog “screens vs paper”. Writing with a pen helps us slow down our thoughts as we shape every letter manually. Slower thoughts give us the capacity to think more deeply and consciously, rather than bashing away as fast as possible on our keyboards. It also allows us to see our writing from a new perspective: you’ve only to fill a page of A4 using a pen to realise how different our thought process is on paper compared to on a screen.

Avoid a trip to the doctor by making writing a daily habit.

Research has also found that there are many physical health benefits to be gained from making time to connect with our stationery supplies. Even Virginia Woolf realised this: “the habit of writing for my eye is good practice. It loosens the ligaments.”  Research conducted at the University of Texas found that those who wrote about a traumatic experience went on to enjoy better physical health – despite causing subjects to feel more distressed immediately after. It was then discovered that a regular writing habit helps boost the immune system, reduces the reliance on pain medication, improves lung function in asthma sufferers and reduces the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis. I think anyone would agree that ten minutes with some stationery supplies are a more attractive alternative than a costly trip to the doctor.

Tips to start and maintain a daily writing routine:

  • Do it every day, even for a few minutes to establish the habit

  • Treat yourself to a nice notebook and fancy pen to motivate yourself to write

  • Try to write in the morning before the day’s activities are in the way. Enjoy a cup of coffee while you do so.

  • Don’t judge yourself: write whatever has to come out. It’s not the end result that matters,   but the action.

  • Remember: the hardest part is getting started. 

Stationery suppliers like OfficeBox understand the importance of keeping up a regular writing habit. Contact us to find out more about how we can help your staff get writing.

Image Credit: www.themindfulword.org

David Adams
02 November 2019