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10 out-the-box promotional gift ideas from your stationery supplier


We’ve all accrued at least a handful of promotional gifts over the years, be it a lanyard from our favourite music festival, a branded pen from a corporate interview, or a mug from our previous place of employment. As lovely as it would be to think that the purpose of these gifts was to be useful and make us happy, the promotional items in question are aimed at promoting the brand that adorns them. It’s a harsh reality, but as time moves forward people are becoming oblivious to the branded pens, mugs and mouse mats of this world. Brands need to step up and re-evaluate their corporate memorabilia if they’re to make a lasting impression. Here are 10 promotional gift ideas that people will actually like and use, some of which you can get from your stationery supplier. 

1) USB sticks

Whether they’re used to share music or movies, or to backup up important data from their computers, a branded USB stick will always come in handy.

2) iPhone covers

While not everyone is an Apple advocate, there are still enough iPhone users out there to warrant investing in some promotional iPhone covers that match the vibe of your brand.

3) Desk clocks

Time is money, as they say. So what better way to keep track of spending than by having a desk clock? In this digital world an analogue clock is a refreshing gift.

4) Lighters

Even if you don’t smoke, a lighter comes in handy for lighting candles, lighting the braai or as part of your load shedding survival kit.

5) Bottle openers

You might not be able to get it from your stationery suppliers, but bottle openers are an essential that should always be carried around in case you’re caught high and dry. Useful even if you don’t choose to drink alcohol.

6) Cooler bags

Perfect for long car journeys, braais and trips to the beach, a branded cooler bag will be both used and appreciated.

7) Wine coolers

Another key ingredient of a picnic basket, a wine cooler is an original way to convey your brand that’ll also make the difference between its recipient enjoying their wine and not enjoying their wine.

8) Water bottles

With the ‘reduce, reuse, recycle’ movement in full force, people are ditching plastic water bottles for their own reusable, refillable glass water bottles. These bottles are a perfect object to brand.

9) Knives and tools

Any type of boy’s (or girl’s) toy will be a winner to turn into a branded gift that’ll not get tossed aside or find its way into the nearest bin. Although, given how expensive some of those chef’s knives are, you might want to reserve these gifts for a select few.

10) Torches

Another item you might be hard pressed to procure through your stationery supplier, torches are a must-have item in any household. If you brand a torch, you can be sure it’ll never be thrown away.

Just because it’s a branded gift doesn’t mean it needs to look like one

Just because they’re promotional items, doesn’t mean they have to look like many of the other dreary corporate gifts out there. Make them so attractive that someone would be willing to pay for it if they saw it in a shop. Your branding doesn’t need to be too conspicuous either – even a small company logo without a company name is a subtle, yet effective, way to convey your brand message.

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Image credit: http://gadget-highway.blogspot.com

David Adams
29 September 2017