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Stationery Supplies: Why your Notebook is your Best Friend


If asked what your can’t-live-without items are, chances are stationery supplies aren't the first things to come to mind. You'd more likely put forward your smartphone, beer, or music as your top choices. Working in an office environment, the reality is quite different.

Stationery supplies like the modest notebook might be a lot more essential than your smartphone that never strays further than a few feet from you. Let's take a look at why it’s actually the simple notebook that ends up never being more than an arms length away from most office staff, and is a more essential tool than you ever thought.

Creativity only strikes once – and it’s never when you expect it.
Inspiration strikes at the most unlikely moments – and it’s usually not when you’re poised at your computer with a blank Word document at the ready. It could be while you’re doing the weekly grocery shop, or having a coffee while waiting for a friend. Whenever your subconscious chooses to flood you with ideas, having a notebook handy prepares you to capture every drop of creativity.

You might be able to make notes on phones, but it’s dangerous territory.


All you tech-aficionados might counter that you've got a perfectly good note-making app on your smartphone that does the job just fine. That may be, but if you're being honest, how often do you stare into your phone to capture your precious ideas.

More often than not, it's highly inappropriate to be staring into your phone and making notes while in a meeting with your co-workers, you may not even be allowed to take your device into a meeting. 

Your phone is also a massive hive of distractions waiting to ambush you on your way to capturing your pearls of wisdom. One minute you've got an award-winning, idea - then BOOM, before you know it - you've lost your train of thought while getting sidetracked by Facebook.

Why your Smartphone is not the Most Reliable Note-taking Device

Your phone is prone to running out of battery at the most critical moments. It’s also a lot harder to type quickly on a touch screen than it is to scribble a thought down with a pen and paper. 

Master plans are made up of many, many small ideas.

So what’s the point of collecting all these ideas, anyway? Surely only a very, very small percentage of our thoughts and ideas are any good? Not so. If you get into the habit of recording those small thoughts, over time you’ll start to see patterns emerging, which you can work on and expand into something greater.

If you hadn’t bothered capturing them, you might not have seen the pattern, and a master plan may have gone undeveloped.

How Stationery Keeps you Organised

Writing down niggling thoughts is therapeutic and helps you focus on the here and now.

Keeping stationery supplies like a notebook and pen with you also gives you an opportunity to get rid of niggling thoughts that might be distracting you from tasks at hand. It only takes a few seconds to jot them down, but once you’ve done so you’ll notice the benefits immediately.

For more about the healing power of paper and pen, read our previous blog.

One notebook is far better than many.

For the organised among us, the temptation might be to have different notebooks for different things: one for recipe ideas, one for work, the other for journaling. However, it’s best to capture all your ideas, regardless of theme, in one place. Dividing your note-taking between books will only prevent you from spotting those subtle patterns that might develop into something great. If you’re a stickler for organisation, you might want to try this nifty hack from the Tokyo Times for keeping a paper notebook organised.

Despite their unglamourous reputation, the world would be a sadder and less creative place without this essential stationery supply. If you’d like to see how the right stationery suppliers can help your business run smoother, contact OfficeBox today.

Image Credit: nitishapatel.com

David Adams
26 February 2020