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office stationery

Why office stationery will always be in fashion


FreeVector-Office-Supplies-VectorsImagine not being able to scribble down a contact number whilst on the phone, or not being able to jot down that eureka moment before it disappears? Technology has given us some incredible tools that expand our productivity and the scope of how we operate, but sometimes, nothing beats the look and feel of office stationery, especially as we spend most of  our day looking at screens.

Spending less time at your screen has proven health benefits.

In other words, office stationery can help you stay healthy. Digital may be king in the workplace, but taking a break from the technological side of life is beneficial for both your state of mind and physical health. Looking at a screen for a prolonged period of time causes eyestrain and headaches. WebMD posits that Excessive use of electronic devices also impairs your ability to sleep well - leading to a decrease in productivity the next day.

Sometimes it’s quicker and more effective to work on paper.

Google Drive allows multiple users to edit a document in real time, but it relies on power and internet connectivity to function. A whiteboard and markers are easier for people to see, edit and get creative with and far less fiddly than using a mouse pad and keys on a laptop.   A notepad and pencil are far more compact than a laptop, don’t rely on a power source and you will never have to deal with auto-correct when writing by hand. Using Post It notes as tactile reminders and for To Do lists is still quicker and more memorable than setting reminders deep within your computer’s calendar. We are still physical beings, though we rely on electronics for much. Retaining a physical, non-electronic aspect to our work – what we spend most of the week doing – with office stationery is a need that will not go away.

Stationery can help you look professional and market your brand.

Often seen as a grudge purchase, office stationery is worth a lot more than the paper it’s printed on. Your office stationery is sometimes the first a potential customer or client sees of you, whether it be a letterhead, invoice or business card. They get a feel for your brand and message each time they look at your customised stationery and the fact you have invested in personalised office stationery shows your long-term investment to your business and professionalism.

Certain things just can’t be done online.

Visions and Trends wrote that the global market for stationery products is set to reach R2,150 billion by 2018 – this statistic alone demonstrates the continued relevance of office stationery. Email has overtaken snail mail, but some things still need to be sent by post. If your company sells products that need to be delivered to the customer, a paper invoice must always accompany it. Other items like legal documents and contracts are still being sent through the post – all of which require office stationery.  Office stationery doesn’t have to be costly or dreary. If your office could benefit from a stationery overhaul that is affordable, OfficeBox would be delighted to answer any questions.

Image Credit : freevector.com

David Adams
23 October 2017