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Seven signs your stationery supplier is taking you for a ride


We’ve talked in detail in previous blogs  about the importance of choosing the right stationery supplier. While you might view your suppliers as just a means to an end – the end being getting the materials you need to run your business – your relationship with your stationery supplier will guarantee how smoothly your business runs overall. How do you know whether your stationery supplier has your best interest at heart and isn’t just taking you for a ride? We’ve compiled a list of seven tell-tale signs to look out for.

1) Delivery times become inconsistent.

If your stationery supplier says they’ll deliver on a Monday at 9am, then they need to stick to that arrangement. Not only does their tardiness and unreliability inconvenience you, it infringes the SLA with them and is good reason for you to terminate the contract.

2) You never receive what you ordered.

Incorrect orders are possibly even more annoying than late deliveries. If your stationery supplier can’t give you exactly what you need, what’s the point of ordering in the first place? Wrong orders are often a sign that their method of processing orders is substandard and could very well be a reflection on their work ethic.

3) It becomes harder and harder to get hold of them.

In this age of digital connectedness, there’s no excuse for poor lines of communication between you and your stationery supplier. If they take days to reply to an email, are unavailable to take calls and fail to inform you when they’re going on leave, then it might be a sign that they don’t value you as a customer.

4) They don’t meet you half way.

As in any business relationship, it takes two to tango. The same goes for the relationship between client and supplier. There needs to be an exchange of value that goes over and above a simple exchange of money for products. Great customer service is non-negotiable, especially given how many other suppliers you can choose to employ instead.

5) They up their prices frequently and fail to inform you.

Value for money is a contributing factor in choosing the right vendor. What your stationery supplier should never do is increase prices frequently. What’s worse is a supplier who not only ups their prices every few months, but fails to inform you of the fact. 

6) Invoices are frequently incorrect.

If you’re frequently receiving the wrong items on your invoice and are being overcharged for things you didn’t order, it’s time to reassess whether your supplier is the best one to use. As well as a possible sign of a shoddy order processing system, it demonstrates poor attention to detail and sloppiness. 

7) You get a different account manager every month. 

Your account manager is your point of contact to your suppliers – you rely on them to communicate openly and to ensure you’re getting the best service possible. If this account manager changes monthly, it might be an indication of a poor company culture.

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David Adams
12 November 2015