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Parenting Solutions while Remote Working during Lockdown

Our last blog offered tips for your home office, or setting up employees for remote work. Covid-19 is keeping children home, and with a lockdown extension, how can you keep kids busy while working?

Many schools around South Africa have implemented some kind of home school system with use of technologies like Zoom, where teachers conference call with students to check in and give them daily tasks to complete.

Most schools can only offer this student outreach for an hour or less, leaving you with precious little time to get on with your daily work schedule after your child has completed their school tasks. 

How to Keep Children Busy during Covid-19 Lockdown

remote work parenting

A great way to occupy your child's mind and time is to create a daily schedule for them to adhere to while you complete your daily remote work tasks. 

Start by setting out times for daily chores to help out while you work, then move on to set times to attend class and complete school work (provided their school offers this). Then move on to entertainment time and/or arts and crafts. 

But what do you do if your children's school is not offering homeschool meetings or assignments? Well, simply put, you'll have to draw up your very own daily curriculum. 

Online Educational Tools for Kids during Coronavirus Isolation

Sites like the Fatherly.com have outlined various online platforms to check out around different educational subject matter for children. 

If it's more analytical thinking you're after, join IXL's fully immersive South African national curriculum online school for Mathematics and English. Their classes range from Preschool to Grade 12 with a focus on just Maths and English, but this can be supplemented by some more creative classes in between, for example ...

If you fancy your little one to be a mini Picasso in training, why not sign them up to Sparketh. The online art school for children is now offering a 30-day free trial to checkout first - perfect timing for the lockdown period.

For any and all of your stationery needs, make sure you head to our online store to order your art supplies or Math and English provisions.

But what about some fun and entertaining options for children online? Here are some amazing online Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions to provide your kids with hours of fun on their phone, tablet or iPad.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Solutions to Keep Kids Busy during Lockdown

The bulk of AI apps and games out there are rooted in providing some kind of educational entertainment for children. For parents ... this is great and to be quite honest, many of these games are great for the entire family to enjoy. 

Here's an outline of some rather exciting AI games and apps to check out:

Here's a comprehensive list of where to find each of these exciting apps for your children:

1. Eliza Chatbot 

2. Mitsuku

3. Thing Translator

4. Emoji Scavenger Hunt

5. Semi Conductor

6. Box Island (from Apple's App Store)

So, with more than enough on hand for your children to do during Lockdown, you can feel confident that they'll be kept happy, learning and occupied while you get on with completing your remote work tasks. 

Don't feel to concerned with running low with supplies for all these activities. You can still order your school stationery online, office supplies or art supplies with us - and when the Lockdown lifts, you'll have your orders shipped to you promptly. Remember to keep safe, and enjoy this time with your loved ones. 

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David Adams
10 April 2020