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Keeping the kids busy this holiday with stationery supplies


The fun and stress of Christmas might have passed, but there’s still several weeks of school holidays left. For some this is a blessing – no school runs, no lunch boxes to pack and a chance to escape on holiday with the family. For others, holidays are even more hectic than the school terms, as their every waking hour is spent trying to keep the kids from eating too many sweets and getting bored. If you fall into the latter camp, consult our list of wonderful things you can do with stationery supplies that are creative, will keep the little ones entertained and won’t require you to take out a loan. What’s great is that you probably already have most of these stationery supplies lying around at home – if you don’t, you know who to call.

  1)  Greetings cards

Handmade and handwritten greetings cards are getting rarer and rarer these days, which makes one made out of stationery supplies worth its weight in gold. Christmas might be over, but there’s a never ending stream of family birthdays your kids can make cards for. Invest in some coloured card, glitter glue, cotton wool and coloured pens or paint and let their imaginations run wild. Other items they can decorate the cards with – that are free – are leaves, shells, buttons and anything else you find around the house. Another simple and beautiful way to decorate a card is by cutting an apple in half, dipping it in paint and making prints, as demonstrated in this Crafty Crow blog.

  2)  Lanterns

A lantern is a beautiful addition to any living room, garden or braai area, whatever the season. All you need is an empty jam jar (in a size of your choice), a candle and white spray paint, and the only stationery supplies you’ll need are paper or card, scissors, a pencil and glue. Start by measuring the circumference of your jar and how high you want your decoration to extend up the jar. Draw out a pattern on paper with your pencil and carefully cut it out. Give your jam jar a very light dusting of spray paint and then glue your paper pattern around the jar. Once the paint and glue are fully dry, pop a candle inside, light and enjoy. For a detailed description, head to DIY and Crafts.

  4) DIY Candles

Ever made a candle out of stationery supplies? We thought not. You’ll need another empty jam jar, all your half used and broken wax crayons, some candle wicking and a pencil. Oh, and some tin foil. Start by removing the paper casing from the crayons. Dangle the wicking into the jar and then fill your jar with the crayons. You can use whichever colours you choose. To keep the wick from collapsing into the mass of crayons, tie it to a pencil and rest the pencil across the top of the jar. Next, leave your crayon-filled jar in the blistering sun, on top of tin foil, for a good five hours. Your crayons should have melted and left you with a candle. Light and enjoy. Refer to Chaos Ensued for more details.

  5) Homemade envelopes

If handwritten notes are hard to come by these days, then handmade envelopes are even rarer. Believe it or not, it’s actually very simple to make envelopes out of nothing but stationery supplies. You need coloured card, glue and ribbon. Cut four circles out of the card and arrange as shown in this picture. Glue the card together at the points at which the card overlaps. Wait for the glue to dry, fold and secure with a bow. Beautiful.

It’s not just little people on holiday that require stationery – your office needs its fill of stationery supplies to ensure a productive workspace. To experience our dynamic and customer-centric service, sign up for a free 30 day trial. And if it’s school stationery supplies you need, head over to schoolstationery.co.za.


Image Credit: letong365.com

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David Adams
24 February 2016