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Is It Still Worth Your While to Spend on Branded Stationery


Everyone has a random pen that they use every day and while you might not remember exactly where you got it from, there is sure to be some element of branding on it. While marketing trends are driven by the digital revolution, you’d be foolish to think that the humble branded pen isn’t still an effective marketing tool – one that can help build brand equity. Here’s what you should keep in mind when considering branded stationery

Before anything else, clearly define your brand positioning and choose products carefully.

A logo is the face of your business and it’s that face that will be portrayed on your branded stationery. Aligning your design and messaging with your target market will ensure that your branding is memorable and garners the returns you’re hoping for. Keep the text and imaging that goes along with your logo short and concise – no one wants to carry around a folder with paragraphs of text.  

If you’re distributing branded stationery, it’s important to make sure that the item you brand doesn’t end up in the trash bin. The more practical and customer-aligned your branded stationery items are, the more likely people are to use them. There’s no point in giving document folders or paper weights to a cloud hosting provider.  

Branded stationery should create a deeper sense of awareness.

People like things they can touch. Give them something they can touch AND use and you hit the jackpot. As humans we tend to make emotional connections with tangible things. While a flyer or TV ad might stick around in your mind for a while, a document folder is used every day as it assists in carrying out daily tasks, and in a way, becomes your trusted companion.  

Instead of handing out business cards, help reinforce your brand by giving each client a branded pen with your logo and details on it. This is sure to travel along in their briefcase and the pen will in all likelihood be borrowed by others, further increasing the reach of your brand.  

Build brand reputation from within.

Branding your own office stationery is a great way to help build brand reputation. Alongside your letterhead; matching stationery items portray a sense of professionalism to potential clients. Also, letting clients leave with a company branded item ensures your brand remains close to mind when it’s buying decision time.

Having your own employees use branded stationery helps to build company morale, making them feel part of something greater than their daily tasks. It also serves as a reminder of what the company is working towards and what the brand positioning is.  

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David Adams
31 August 2017