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How to rally your internal marketing cheerleaders to meet your brand’s objectives


As a marketer, you know that your customers are king. In order to successfully get your products to these customers, you need know who they are, as well as win their favour. The most obvious way to do this is to focus on them, the customer. While external marketing will make up the bulk of your marketing strategy, your internal marketing efforts are just as important to invest in. By rallying a group of internal marketing cheerleaders, you’ll guarantee a positive ripple effect onto your external customers and as a result, your brand.

Internal marketing turns employees into brand advocates

So what exactly are the objectives of internal marketing? The primary aim is to motivate anyone and everyone in your company who’s involved in getting the product to your customers to work in line with your brand vision: turning them into your troop of brand cheerleaders. This includes the people working in R&D, the sales and marketing team, your PR people and anyone with a customer-facing role. Once they’re motivated and happy brand evangelists, the products they create will reflect this passion and commitment to the brand – which sends exactly the right impression to the customer. How can they resist falling in love with your products if the people who make or sell them are in love with them too?

Getting to know how your internal customers feel about your brand is the first step in creating brand cheerleaders 

Internal marketing also seeks to make everyone working in your business feel part of the team. Not only will this improve communication and encourage the flow of creativity, it’ll help implement change – something many can be averse to. The first step is to conduct an audit amongst all your internal customers, or staff. Before you cultivate a team of individuals who are all working towards your brand objectives, you need to gauge how they feel about the brand first. Your audit will tell you who the supporters are, those who’re neutral and the ones who’re disengaged.

Give your supporters all the tools they need to rally the other troops

Once you’ve identified your supporters, you can equip them with the tools and incentives to help rally the other troops who are either sitting on the fence or disinterested. Listen to any ideas your cheerleaders might have about how to make the others feel more motivated or part of the team. Allocate some of your marketing budget to any initiatives they think of. You could hold a monthly “fun day” where you dedicate half a working day to a team outing. Or have a different employee take over your Instagram, Twitter or Facebook account for a day. This will make them feel personally invested in your brand and you’ll receive further insights into how your cheerleaders tick.

Quantifying the success of your internal marketing efforts is easier than ever 

The great thing about the digital age is that it’s made measuring the success of internal marketing efforts quantifiable. Before social media, marketers had to rely on the answers provided through questionnaires or via brief chats with employees around the office. Now you can measure just how often your staff are interacting with or promoting your brand on social media platforms. You should notice an increase in how often they share and engage with your content after efforts have been made to get everyone playing for the same team.

Branded stationery is more effective than you think in helping your staff identify with your brand

Branded stationery is another underrated internal marketing tool that can be used to instill brand loyalty. Have you thought about investing in personalised business cards for your employees, or providing branded paper and pens with which they can work? Just like a letterhead, these remind both customers and staff of your brand, and will keep your brand’s ethos and image in the minds of your internal cheerleaders. You’ll find morale becomes even better and you’ll be able to execute your marketing strategy a lot more effectively, with a whole cohort of brand advocates behind you.

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David Adams
09 September 2015
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