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How choosing the right stationery suppliers boosts your bottom line


Let’s face it – office stationery isn’t the sexiest thing your business spends money on. While boutique stationery from the likes of Typo might be a luxury purchase, the pens and pencils that fill your office store cupboard are more of a grudge purchase – yet an essential one that needs to be included in your monthly budget. This means that stationery suppliers have a huge influence on your outgoing costs. Choosing the right one then, is make or break for your bottom line.

The majority of stationery suppliers still leave a lot to be desired.

The bulk of of stationery suppliers have yet to catch up with the digital age. Most are still very traditional in how their business operates. In this country, there is one principal wholesaler that provides these companies with their stationery. This means the prices the stationery suppliers charge their customers are all pretty much the same. How could one supplier offer a vastly cheaper price to another if they are all buying it from the same person? Office stationery might not have enjoyed the leaps and bounds of innovation that technology has in the last few decades, but that doesn’t mean stationery suppliers can’t innovate their business practices.

The new age of stationery suppliers has already begun.

Modern stationery suppliers need to do what all other cutting edge businesses have already done – move online and embrace digital. The key differnce is ecommerce: stationery suppliers must get on board and make it as quick, convenient and easy as possible for their customers to order. 

How this new way of supplying stationery will benefit your bottom line.

The time and money you can save by choosing the right stationery supplier has obvious benefits for your bottom line - especially if you choose to buy in bulk.  Choosing one stationery supplier who can provide you with a wide range of items will mean you only need to use one supplier instead of several. Your admin is immediately reduced and there are fewer relationships to manage and maintain. No more scratching around for pieces of scrap paper or running around trying to find a pen that works,  OfficeBox delivers fast and efficiently. The best part? Being able to manage this all online saves you more time and energy.

OfficeBox is leading the much-needed shake up within the stationery suppliers landscape.

Choosing a stationery supplier who is on trend and leading the curve of technology will help streamline your business and give you back the space to manage the other aspects of your supply chain. We at OfficeBox realise that although stationery might be an essential, but it should never be a nightmare - neither should the relationship with your stationery supplier.

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David Adams
18 August 2015