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Five work spaces that inspire creative thinking


Our environment has a huge impact on our state of mind and inclination to do just about anything: work, play, be creative, communicate and socialise. Think of an environment in which you feel most energised – the chances of it being a cramped and colourless dark space are very low. Yet, how often does one see stunning work spaces? Even though work spaces are where we spend the majority of our week, very few businesses are investing in making them a joy to work in. In this blog we’re going to take a look at five inspiring work spaces that encourage creativity.

1) The Wonder Factory, New York City

Digital marketing company The Wonder Factory is touted to have one of the coolest offices in New York City. In a video on The Entrepreneur website, co-founder David Fink goes into detail about how the design of the office was designed to inspire creativity in his employees. The office is open plan, but employees sit at old-fashioned, hefty wooden desks that create the feeling of being in a home study – despite the eclectic and modern interior design.

Other features include a “character wall” where there’s a figurine to represent every person in the company (chosen by them) to inspire and make everyone feel part of the team. In another room a critic wall of past projects are pinned up for anyone in the company to offer feedback on and next door a play room, because “play is really important to creativity and brainstorming”, opines Fink. There’s even a “hell room” where boardroom chairs are made as uncomfortable as possible to keep meeting times down to 20 minutes: “so that we spend more time working on projects than talking about them.”

2) Grape digital, London

Grape Digital, now part of marketing communications group Karmarama, has taken the theme of “social” and run with it. Managing director Mark Malone wanted the social media agency’s office space to be as social as possible: “there is nothing more sociable than a good old pub.” And that’s exactly how they designed their work spaces. There’s wood panelling, a bar, darts and all the quintessentially British trinkets and décor you’d expect from an English pub: the ideal location in which to relax and let creativity flow. For pictures, visit Mashable’s slide show.

3) Inspired Digital, Latvia

Inspired Digital is based in Latvia’s capital, Riga, and though they might be a digital agency, their office décor is far more analogue to the eye. Looking like an airy and spacious wood cabin, there are ornaments on the wall that look like they’ve come out of a family home, a swing chair, a newspaper clad egg to hide away in and a wooden sauna-room for meetings. There are also video game consoles, a foosball table, a room filled with pillows to relax in and a window wall that looks down onto Riga’s most bustling street. You can also view the images on the Mashable slide show.

4) Selgas Cano Architecture - Madrid, Spain

Architectural firm Selgas Cano has designed and built a workspace that looks like a woodland retreat: a very modern one at that. The rectangular unit is half dug into the ground – keeping the work space cool during summer – so that employees are eye level with the forest floor but still get a decent view of the surrounding trees.  A fiberglass wall shields the office from direct sunlight and the windows curve up and become the ceiling, giving the space all of the natural light of the great outdoors and precluding the need to use artificial light during the day. Being so close to nature, it’s impossible to imagine being anything other than creative and productive in such a space.

5) The Bureaux, Cape Town

Work spaces these days are not confined to company offices. Due to the changing nature of how and where it’s possible to work, shared work spaces are growing in popularity. Freelancers, lone entrepreneurs or small teams are opting to rent desks in a communal work space as opposed to forking out rent and utilities every month for their own offices or setting up camp in a noisy coffee shop. The Bureaux is based in the Woodstock Exchange in one of Cape Town’s coolest, creative and buzzing districts. With high speed internet access, meeting rooms and open plan workspaces it offers both areas in which to focus and areas for businesses and individuals to meet, share ideas and make connections. The Woodstock Exchange is also home to cafes, restaurants, clothing stores and art exhibitions, creating an atmosphere of inspiration in attractive surroundings.

Office stationery plays an essential part in creating a comfortable work space in which to be creative. If you’d like advice on how to make your office a more creative place to work, contact office stationery supplier OfficeBox today.
David Adams
04 August 2017