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Checklist: Are you selecting your stationery suppliers the right way?


Choosing the right suppliers is a crucial part of your business. You rely on them for the things that allow your business to operate and generate revenue. It might seem insignificant, but even selecting the wrong stationery suppliers can impact your cash flow and result in an unhealthy balance sheet. Choosing the right stationery suppliers – who understand the unique nature of your business – will make the difference between a profitable month and a month you’d rather forget. Unsure about what to look for when selecting a vendor? Consult our checklist:

So you’ve found a stationery suppliers who seems like a possibility – what do you consider next? Ask yourself if the supplier can offer you exactly what your business is looking for. Don’t be afraid to be ruthless – the health of your business depends on it. Before starting a vendor search, make a list of your precise needs and determine your budget range.

Tied in closely with whether your stationery suppliers can give you what you’re looking for, your vendor needs to be able to deliver the said goods or services. There’s no use signing an agreement with them only to realise that they’re constantly late with deliveries or are always out of stock.

This list will make it easy to eliminate any vendors whose primary offering is all the things you don’t need. If you know within a few minutes of perusing a prospective vendor’s website that they’re not the one, you’ll reduce the time you spend in fruitless searches.

Part of ensuring a mutually beneficial relationship with your stationery suppliers is making sure you select one that’s on the same wavelength as you. Does your company culture mesh well with theirs? If not, save yourself the disruption of having to terminate an SLA six months down the line and cross them off your list.

The best way to tell if a vendor is able to deliver on their promises is to request a trial period. Most vendors worth their salt will offer a 30 day free trial by default. This is a great way to confirm whether they’re up to scratch and whether the two of you will get along in the long term.

The internet might have its drawbacks – distracting us from important work with inane websites and videos – but one thing it does let us do is detective work. Social media platforms are the ideal place to go looking for honest opinions about your prospective vendor. Start with their Facebook page. Chances are, if anyone has anything bad to say about them it’ll be there. You can also ask the vendor for customer testimonials and case studies.

As tempting as it may be to simply choose the cheapest supplier, don’t. If they’re dirt cheap, it’s probably for a good reason. Be open to paying that little bit extra if it means you avoid having to go through the hassle of vendor search and selection a month later. What’s most important is that you get everything you need from your vendor, within budget.

At OfficeBox we realise that every client is different and requires a service tailored to them. Sign up for our 30 day trial and see how we can help you business run more smoothly.

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David Adams
30 October 2017