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Amazing office supplies: Ten things you never thought you could do with Sellotape


Office supplies’ usefulness extends beyond the four walls of your work space. The most basic pieces of stationery can be put to all kinds of fun and creative, not to mention handy, uses. If you thought Sellotape was used simply for sticking up photos or sealing envelopes, think again. Here are ten alternative uses for the simple, yet versatile, Sellotape.

1) Instead of sewing hems, temporarily stick them down.

Avoid the nightmare of a skirt hem unraveling by mending it with Sellotape. Stick the hem down on the inside of the skirt. Sew up properly at a later date. You may be scoff at the thought, but Sellotape save you from looking sloppy.

2) Get rid of fluff or pet hairs stuck to clothing.

Use an empty kitchen roll and wrap with Sellotape, sticky side up. Brush over clothing to get rid of hairs and fluff. Perfect before a meeting. Office supplies can be used for other beauty purposes like removing heavy make up: stick onto the skin and gently pull off.

3) Remove annoying sticky labels off the bottom of glass or plastic.

Probably one of the most annoying tasks in the world – trying to remove the sticky sales labels off new purchases. This can be made easier by covering the label with Sellotape and ripping it off quickly. Whose business is it that you got that beautiful mirror at half-price anyway?

4) If your duvet gets holes in it, seal them with Sellotape.

Prevent the insulation in your duvet from escaping out of holes by sticking a small amount of sellotape over the hole in question. A perfect patch job indeed.

5) In the case of a smashed glass situation, sticky tape comes to the rescue.

Make sure every tiny bit of glass is picked up after breaking a glass. Take a scrunched up piece of kitchen roll, cover in Sellotape – sticky side up – and use this to “dab up” the smallest pieces of glass and avoid having to battle with a near impossible splinter in your toe.

6) Replace the plastic end of shoe laces.

This is probably the most classic and widely used tip out there. The plastic casing at the end of shoe laces always ends up falling off or wearing out. Cut a couple of centimeters worth of Sellotape and wrap it tightly around the end of the lace and voila! A brand new shoe lace!

7) Stop your cat from scratching your furniture.

Cats are adorable, but destructive. Take some double-sided Sellotape and cover your prized furniture with it to stop your cat using it as a scratching post. Cats don’t like the sensation of walking on adhesive, so they will avoid your couch and eventually stay clear from it entirely.

8) Prevent cracked eggs from going rotten.

Office supplies can also be used in the kitchen. If any of your eggs sustain non-fatal fractures, stick some Sellotape over the cracks to prevent them going rotten. The same can be applied to melons: cut a small triangle out of a melon to test for ripeness. If unripe, slot the triangle back in and seal with Sellotape.

9) Keep winter draughts from blowing through old windows.

Double glaze windows using cling film, Sellotape and a hair dryer. Place cling film over the whole window, affix with Sellotape along the frame and across the window pane and blow dry to fix in place.

10) Sticky tape can secure disposable nappies.

For those with small infants that are in the habit of removing their nappies, wrap Sellotape around the top of the nappy to prevent your little one from making a mess.    OfficeBox can advise you about the uses of a wide range of office supplies. Get in touch today to as us about how your office can benefit.


Image credit: Pixabay.com


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David Adams
11 October 2016