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A state of zen: Harmonising your work environment

Creating a harmonious work environment

No one enjoys working in an unpleasant environment – and even fewer are productive in one. Although it’s a human habit to view ourselves as separate from our environment, we are actually part of it, and are immensely influenced by it. Creating a harmonious work environment is therefore imperative for business owners and managers looking to foster a healthy and productive workplace.

The universe is energy – that’s why energy must be the focus of your harmonising efforts.

The universe is nothing but energy – there’s no solid matter, even though we perceive distinct objects. What’s really going on behind the doors of perception is endless vibrations of energy. Matter is made up of atoms – which are mainly empty space, a tiny nucleus, and energy vibrations in the form of electrons that orbit the nucleus. We are made of pure energy just as our work environment is. For an ideal work environment, we must bring our attention to the energetic level.

Feng shui is a lot more than a capricious past time.

The Chinese were onto something when they first started using feng shui over six thousand years ago. They believe the flow of energy in a room can not only affect you physically, but impact your mental and emotional health, your thoughts and actions, as well as your future prospects – all relevant to businesses looking for that ideal work environment. The aim of feng shui is to balance the five elements (water, fire, metal, earth and wood), bringing about optimal balance between energy flow and all objects in a room. Regardless of whether you adhere to feng shui or not, creating a work environment that allows a good flow of energy is a no-brainer. In fact, the Dummies’ website outlines some great ideas on how to make sure the energy in your workspace flows.

Here are a few tips to ensure a harmonious flow of energy around your work environment:

Introduce plants to the office. As living things with their own life force, plants can help keep the energy in your office from stagnating. They’ll also spruce up your office décor.

Make sure there’s plenty of natural light. Light is one of the purest forms of energy and we need it to stay happy and healthy. An absence of natural light for prolonged periods is seriously damaging to mental health – something anyone who gets the winter blues will attest to. More light, more flow of energy, better productivity.

Change where you sit. It’s common for employees to be assigned a desk and remain there for months, or more. If they have a sedentary job, they might spend up to eight hours in one place. To avoid stagnation, go and work somewhere else every few hours – in the break room, in a meeting room or at another desk.

Keep a window open. Wind is a powerful tool for getting rid of stagnant energy – you don’t need science to tell you that a stuffy room does nothing for concentration levels either. Allow as much fresh air into the office as possible, and try to take regular breaks outside.

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David Adams
10 December 2015